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// Beyond the Gate //

3rd album (Japan Edition):
{date} March 1st, 2006
{label} Midi:Nette M.†.M

{label} Midi:Nette M.†.M


Limited Edition:
{code} MMCD-042LE
{price} 3,000 yen (tax out)
{lenght} 47,33
Regular Edition:
{code} MMCD-042
{price} 2,600 yen (tax out)
{lenght} 25,45

Beyond the Gate is the third album from Moi dix Mois. However unlike the other ones it's not a full-lenght: it contains 7 songs (26 minutes total), instrumental intro and outro included.

Beyond the Gate was released in a bad period for Moi dix Mois: Juka left the band in April 2005, and both Kazuno and Tohru in late 2005. Moi dix Mois consisted only of Mana and K, but they managed to record the album in early 2006 together with a new vocalist: Seth. Because the band had not a bassist or a vocalist, on the album Mana used sequenced drums, and either used synthesized bass or recorded it by himself. Strangely, in the album credits is also listed the mysterious Shadow X, who did death vocals on 3 tracks.


Beyond the Gate was released in 2 different versions:

Limited edition: it contains intrumental versions of all the songs of the album (except intro & outro), and a sticker with the album cover and a big poster. However it doesnt's have any booklet, but only a sheet with the lyrics and the album credits.

Regular edition: comes with the booklet with band photos and lyrics.


Europe Edition: released by GAN-SHIN Records. They released the Regular Edition as well as the Limited one.

// Tracklist //


The other side in blood [1.00]

(music: Mana)



Eternally Beyond [4.25]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]


deus ex machina [3.50]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]

Vain [4.43]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]


Deflower [4.28]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]


unmoved [4.16]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana) 

[view lyrics]


The other side of the door [3.03]

(music: Mana)


Limited Edition only:


Eternally Beyond (Instrumental) [4.24]

(music: Mana)



deus ex machina  (Instrumental) [3.50]

(music: Mana)



Vain (Instrumental) [4.42]

(music: Mana)



Deflower (Instrumental) [4.31]

(music: Mana)



unmoved (Instrumental) [4.21]

(music: Mana)

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// Credits //

Moi dix Mois

Beyond the Gate
All Songs, Lyrics, Composed & Sound Programmed & Arranged by Mana

The other side in blood (SE)
Eternally Beyond
Guitar: Mana Vocal: Seth Death Voice: Shadow X
deus ex machina
Guitar: Mana Vocal: Seth Voice: K
Guitar: Mana Vocal: Seth Guitar&Voice: K Death Voice: Shadow X
Guitar: Mana Vocal: Seth
Guitar: Mana Vocal: Seth Guitar&Voice: K Death Voice: Shadow X
The other side of the door
Guitar: Mana

Mixed Engineer: Satoshi

Assistant Engineer: Yohei Hiraoka (SOUND CREW STUDIO)
Additional Engineer: Hideyuki Hanaki (SOUND CREW STUDIO)

Mastering Engineer: Osamu Shimoju (ON AIR AZABU STUDIO)

Directed by Mana

Photographer: Kanji Tsukagoshi
Hairstyling: Rie Nozawa
CG & Desing: Yuichi Hanaoka (brahman)

Distribution: Etsuko Kasakawa (Midi:Nette)

Costume: Moi-meme-Moitié

Total Produced by Mana, The Crator of Moi dix Mois

ESP                                        Midi:Nette M.†.M

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