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// Dix infernal //

1st album:
{date} March 19th, 2003
{label} Midi:Nette M.†.M
{code} MMCD-31
{price} 3,300 yen (tax out)
lenght} 44,3

Dix infernal is the first album by Moi dix Mois, released on March 19, Mana's birthday. Contains 13 tracks: the first track, Dix infernal is an introduction to the album (only noises and evil voices); the last track, Dix est infini is similar but shorter, with a door closing at the end. L'intérieur Dix is a short orchestrated instrumental track, a prelude to Détresse. Dialogue Symphonie is included in the album as well, (renamed Dialogue Symphonie-x) re-recorded and without the intro.

The package includes a gorgeous 12 page booklet with photos and lyrics. The photos manipulated in CG give an infernal / satanic feel to the album: with flames, metal crosses and goat skulls. The band members wear two different costumes: the decorated black dress by Moi-même-Moitié and a white church robe. 

The Limited Edition - Special Cross Design Package (Sold Out)

[click to view an animated pic of the case]
In the limited edition the CD case opens forming an equal-armed cross showing photos of the member and another page with their names.
The first limited edition included also a photographic 28 page booklet with tour dates and a poster. 

// Tracklist //


Dix infernal [0.40]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[lyrics unknown]

La dix croix [5.04]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]

front et baiser [4.28]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]

Ange [3.57]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]

tentation [5.36]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]

Solitude [5.57]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana) 

[view lyrics]

Pessimiste [3.46]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]

Gloire dans le silence [3.21]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]

L'intérieur Dix [0.41]
(music: Mana)


Détresse [4.34]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]

Prière [3.34]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]

Dialogue Symphonie-x [4.14]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]

Dix est infini [0.28]
(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[lyrics unknown]

// IMAGES //



†case (Limited edition only):

For the case images thanks to -scape-

// Credits //

Moi dix Mois:

Mana (Guitar)

Juka (Vocals)

Kazuno (Bass)


Additional Musician: Tohru (Drums)


All Song Lyrics & Composed & Sound Programmed by Mana


Directed by Mana


Manipulator: Shigehiko Saito


Recorded & Mixed by Atsuo Akabae


Additional Engineer: Hitomi Suzuki (ON AIR AZABU st.)

Recorded & Mixed at ON AIR AZABU st.

Mastering Engineer: Mitsuhoru Arada (ON AIR AZABU st.)


CG & Design: Asaka Yamamoto (glitter glow)

Photography: Kenji Tsukagoshi

Hairstyling: Tamayo Kotake (he-glee)


Artist Manager: Kazuyo Tsuboi (Midi:Nette)

Distribution: Etsuko Kasakawa (Midi:Nette)


Executive Producer: Yukio Itoh (Midi:Nette)


Thanks: ESP / Mitsugu Sano


Costumes: Moi-même-Moitié


Total Produced by Mana



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