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Moi dix Mois galleries

Music Magazines

Scans from Japanese rock/metal/gothic music magazines. All images are in chronological order. You can find also European music/gothic/anime magazine such as Orkus or Astan.

FOOL'S MATE     ~    ultra veat     ~    SHOXX     ~    Other Magazines...

Gothic & Lolita Bibles

The Gothic & Lolita Bible is a Japanese gothic fashion magazine. Every issue includes a photographic article for Mana's gothic fashion design label, Moi-meme-Moitié. Of course Mana models for his clothing label.

Volumes I - VI     ~    Volumes VII - XII     ~    Volumes XIII - XXII

Band Images...

Here you can find other scans of band's photos: tour pamphlets, flyer/teasers for CD and DVD releases and concerts advertisements; but also postcards, and concerts tickets. The 'OTHERS' section contains some images from unknown sources.

Flyers/Teasers     ~    Tour Pamphlet/Postcards     ~    Tickets     ~    OTHERS

Discography Gallery

Here you will find scans of all photos featured on CD and DVD booklets, including covers, as well as CD art and other images form the releases.

Single Booklets/Jackets     ~    Album Booklets/Jackets    ~    DVD Booklets/Jackets


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