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// 2007.07.19 //

:news·europe tour!:

Moi dix Mois announced their 2007 European Tour!:

DIXANADU ~Fated "raison d'être"~

11-October ~ Tavastia [Helsinki / Finland]
Ticket Price : 30 euro

13-October ~ Klubben [Stockholm / Sweden]
Ticket Price : 300 sek

15-October ~ Docks [Hamburg / Germany ]
Ticket Price : 30 euro

16-October ~ Huxley's [Berlin / Germany]
Ticket Price : TBA

18-October ~ Kulturfabrik [Krefeld / Germany]
Ticket Price : 32 euro

19-October ~ Werk [Leipzig / Germany]
Ticket Price : 30 euro

21-October ~ New Backstage [Munich / Germany]
Ticket Price : TBA

22-October ~ Alcatraz [Milano / Italy]
Ticket Price : 22 euro

24-October ~ Bikini [Barcelona / Spain]
Ticket Price : 27 euro

25-October ~ Caracol [Madrid / Spain]
Ticket Price : 27 euro

27-October ~ Elysée Montmartre [Paris / France]
Ticket Price : 25 euro

Total information: Contra Promotion GmbH
Tel: 0234-962920


source: Mon†amour Fanclub Newsletter



// 2007.07.15 //

:news·dixanadu special edition:

Moi dix Mois will release a special edition of the album DIXANADU. But it can be bought only through their official online shop: http://midi-nette.shop-pro.jp/ reservations period ends on July 31st, 2007 and it will be released in August.


DIXANADU Limited Edition

MMCD-045 | 3,990 yen



- CD with 12 tracks, basically the DIXANADU album without vocals.

- A tall case with special artwork

- A videogame designed by Mana with Matin, the Moi dix Mois mascotte, called "Day Dream of DIXANADU"

- Moi dix Mois/Matin Desktop theme for Windows with clock and calendar.



// 2007.06.27 //

:update·site renewal:

As you may have noticed, I've completely changed the layout of the site ;)


This site has been online for quite a long time, and I felt it was time to renew it completely, to better provide all the news and informations on Moi dix Mois, and as an archives of all their activities.

I'm sorry for the short hiatus the site had experienced, but the work took a long time ;)


I will soon add ALL the missing sections, as well as a forum and brand new contents.



// 2007.06.27 //

:news·upcoming concerts:


DIXANADU ~Fated "raison d'être"~ Tour

September 18th: NAGOYA / Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
September 19th: OSAKA / Osaka MUSE
September 27th: TOKYO / Tokyo UNIT

OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
TICKETS : 4,500 yen tax included (drink not included) 

Tickets available for purchase to the general public: August 25th, 2007
Tickets already available for Fanclub Mon+amour members

Final deadline for ordering tickets: Jul 31st, 2007


source: Fanclub newsletter


; as for europe...

Mana still assures that an Europe Tour is planned for this Autumn, right after this 3-dates tour  in Japan.


// 2007.06.24 //

:news·latest activities:

; Radio Live Recording


date: July 21 (Sat.) 2007, 18:00~
location: Hiroshima Sun Mall 5th Floor
Live Recording from YY Studio

Three members: Mana-sama, K and Seth will be speaking.

Numbered-tickets for fans will be available at the Sun Mall 1st floor,
Coco Counter on the day of the recording,
July 21st starting from 10:30am.
Contact: Hiroshima FM 082-251-2200


; moi-meme-moitié events

Mana-sama will held a autographing and hand-shaking session on July 21st at the Moi-meme-Moitié shop in Hiroshima.
Event Invitation tickets will be given to anyone who makes a purchase of over 21,000 yen (tax included) during the term: June 30th to July 21st 18:00
Contact: Hiroshima Shop 082-246-0456

At the Moi-meme-Moitié shop in Shinjuku a fair will begin on June 30th, 2007:
Sweet Romance Fair 2007
During the fair, a special novelty gift will be given to customers who make a purchase of over 21,000 yen (tax included). The fair will end as the novelty gift runs out.

links: Moi-meme-Moitié Japan Moi-meme-Moitié in English

source: Fanclub newsletter


// 2007.05.22 //

:news·upcoming concerts:

D E A D L Y  S A N C T U A R Y ~Ankoku Seiiki~

August 19th (Sunday), 2007 Shibuya O-EAST

A big coupling concert will be held in Shibuya O-EAST this summer.

The two bands performing are Moi dix Mois & D'espairsRay

OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00
Ticket: 3,990 tax included (drink not included)


Tickets for Purchase by the General Public PG:
Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 P Code 262-004
LAWSON TICKET 0570-084-003 L Code 33491
e+ http://eplus.jp
Like an Edison Tokyo Shop

Planning and Produced by HOT STUFF PROMOTION
Supported by Sword/Midi:Nette/CB Agent
Contact HOT STUFF: tel 03-5720-9999


source: Fanclub newsletter


As for overseas concerts, they stated they will go on tour in Europe this fall,  but no dates or locations were announced yet.


// 2007.03.28 //



Moi dix Mois 3rd Full Album


out now
MMCD-044 | yen 3,150 (tax in), 3,000 (tax out)

Released by Midi:Nette in Japan. The European Version will be released on April 20th 2007 by TRISOL in 2 versions: a digipack with bonus disc containing the single Lamentful Miss with 28-pages booklet; and a vinyl version on 2 LPs with a 32-page booklet (sized 30x30) limited to 499 copies.

You can purchase the album in the following sites:

Dixanadu Japan ver.: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=MMCD-44
Dixanadu Japan ver.: http://global.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/code-j/section-music/pid-1004623467/
Dixanadu Europe ver. 2CD: http://www.infrarot.de/index.php?page=music-a-5773002
Dixanadu Europe ver 2LPs.: http://www.infrarot.de/index.php?page=music-a-5773003

Concert schedule:

~Fated "raison d'être"

2007.5.19 (Sat) LIQUIDROOM (Ebisu)
OPEN 17:00 START 18:00

TICKET yen4,800 (tax in) drink included
4.15 ON SALE



// 2006.11.20 //

I've added the page for the new single, Lamentful Miss in teh Discography. You can find all the information and booklet scans.
Added the lyrics fro Lamentful Miss.
Added the scans from the last issue of Gothic&Lolita Bible (Volume XXII).


Mana new CD-Japan Interview: click here

Moi dix Mois Event Appearance

Celebrating Zy.'s 5th Year Anniversary
stylish wave ILLUSION '07 Vol.2

date: February 16 th , 2007 (Friday)
venue: Zepp TOKYO
at: OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00
ticket: 1F All standing 5,775 Yen (tax included)
info: http://www.zepp.co.jp/schedule/hall_03/about.html

// 2006.10.11 //

Juka to join HIZAKI in his new project

HIZAKI, (former GARNET GRAVE, Crack Brain, Schwardix Marvally, SULFURIC ACID), one of the most talented Visual Kei guitarists, announced that he will start a musical project on December 15.
This is the lineup:
Vocals: Juka (ex Moi dix Mois)
Guitar: HIZAKI (ex SULFURIC ACID, Schwardix Marvally etc..)
Guitar: TERU (Aikaryu)
Bass: Yuu (ex Jakura)
Drums: Bikei (Mikage) (ex Eze:qul, Schwardix Marvally, R.E.D, Babylon)

HIZAKI grace project will release their first Full-album on January 1st 2007:
title: "Dignity of crest" | label: Sequence Records
[limited] SECD-1142
| 3,570yen (CD+DVD & special jacket)
[regular] SECD-1143
| 3,150yen

source: Sequence Records Official Website

// 2006.09.20 //

Dis inferno Vol. IV announced

Mana announced a new edition of Dis inferno (a live event involving Moi dix Mois and their friends/close bands) during the concert at Liquid Room Ebisu (18 September).

Dis inferno Vol. IV -LAST YEAR PARTY-
Date: December 26th
Venue: Shibuya O-East (http://www.shibuya-o.com/)
Open 18:00 Start 19:00

Ticket: 4,500 yen (tax in) drink not included

source: Fanclub 'Mon†amour' Newsletter

Monthly Concerts in Japan

The October concert has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

November concert: announced the details for the next Moi dix Mois gig:

Date: November 23rd (Thursday)
Venue: Shibuya O-East (http://www.shibuya-o.com/)
Open 17:00 Start 18:00

Ticket: 4,500 yen (tax in) drink not included

source: Moi dix Mois Official Website

// 2006.09.01 //

Moi dix Mois new single:

Lamentful Miss
Release date:
October 4th, 2006 (Wed)
MMCD-043 1,470 Yen

                                            01. Lamentful Miss
02. Perish
03. forbidden
04. Lamentful Miss (Instrumental)
05. Perish (Instrumental)
06. forbidden (Instrumental)

Moi dix Mois Official Website

// 2006.07.21 //

A new single release from Moi dix Mois announced!
"The first single to be released with the new members.
Lamentful Miss is a dramatic song with a twin-guitar structure that plays up the beautiful and jagged guitar sound.
The two songs on coupling is a re-recording with arrangement."


source: Fanclub 'Mon†amour' Newsletter


Mana also stated in his website that a second release following the single is planned! They are also working to realize the idea of an American Tour.

// 2006.07.01 //

Mana at Anime [AX] Expo 2006

Anaheim Convention Center


Today Mana partecipated at Anime Expo in Anaheim, CA (U.S.A.) for a "Discussion Panel & Autograph Session". He also signed Midi:Nette CDs and merchandise.


// 2006.06.05 //


Added new Mana photos from SHOXX bis Vol. 7.

// 2006.06.03 //


Images added to the Galleries from: Gothic&Lolita Bible Vol.XXI, Mad tea Party MAGAZINE 04 + Special 02, Orkus, Fool's Mate, Neo Platinum Vol.1...

// 2006.06.02 //

Moi dix Mois US TOUR 2006 CANCELLED!


Moi dix Mois announced the cancellation of the planned US Tour 2006 ~Beyond the Gate~, due to differences of policies with the Tour organizer.

However, they hope to make an American tour a reality and are currently in the
planning stages for one.


source: Fanclub 'Mon†amour' Newsletter

Moi dix Mois Monthly Live in Japan 2006


Moi dix Mois announced the first 2 concerts they will play in Japan:


2006 August 17th (Thursday) - at: Daikanyama UNIT
OPEN 18:00/ START 19:00

2006 September 18th (Holiday) - at: LIQUIDROOM Ebisu
OPEN 17:00/ START 18:00


There are 2 live scheduled for October and November, more details coming soon.




4,500 yen (tax in) drink not included


On Sale here:


Or: July 9th (For August and September Monthly Concerts)
PG Ticket Pia 570-02-9999 P-Code
LAWSON TICKET 0570-08-4003 L-Code



Mon+amour International members: please purchase from the following link
Purchasing Period: June 9th, 2006 ~ June 20th, 2006
Registration Terms: You must be a registered member before you can purchase tickets.
Ticket Exchange: On the day of the concert, tickets will be available for exchange at the venue reception desk.
August 17th : Daikanyama UNIT 16:00~
September 18th : LIQUIDROOM Ebisu 15:00~

Please bring along your passport as well as a print-out of the Purchase Confirmation Email sent by Mon+amour.

source: Fanclub 'Mon†amour' Newsletter

// 2006.05.25 //

~Updated informations about: Moi dix Mois US Tour 2006 ~Beyond the Gate~
Moi dix Mois will play 5 concerts in USA at the following locations:

The Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA
The Lakewood Theater, Dallas, TX
[to be announced], New York City, NY
[to be announced], Chicago, IL
[to be announced], Seattle, WA

Fanclub 'Mon†amour' Newsletter


You can purchase tickets here: Ticketmaster - Plajapan
In USA: Tower Record stores
For Mon†amour International members: you can purchase your tickets (max 5 per member) at Mon†amour website.



(for now only 2 dates available)

July 2 (Sunday)
The Grove of Anaheim (Anaheim, California)

2200 East Katella Avenue, Anaheim CA 92806 | phone: (714) 712 - 2700
Opening performance: ArtbeaT
Open 18:00 / Start 19:00
ticket: $43.50
contact: http://www.thegroveofanaheim.com/contact/email_contacts.asp

July 5 (Wednesday)
The Lakewood Theater (Dallas, Texas)
1825 Abrams Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75214 |
phone: (214) 821-7469

Open 18:00 / Start 19:00
ticket: $42.00
contact: http://www.lakewoodtheater.com/contact/

INFORMATIONS (nofuture.biz)

inquiry@nofuture.biz | http://nofuture.biz/en/contact/

Moi dix Mois MEDIA

Magazine Appearances:


D presents "Mad tea party MAGAZINE" Vol.04 
MTP-005 / yen1,000 (tax in)

front-cover: D | back-cover: Moi dix Mois


D presents "Blitz ~Raikou~"

MTP-006 / yen1,500 (tax in) / Limited 2,000
Featured guitarists:
Mana (Moi dix Mois), Chisato (PENICILLIN), Everlasting-K, Karyu (D'espairsRay), AYA&Irikawa Keiji (ISABELLE), Reo (lynch.), HIDE-ZOU (D)

SHOXX bis Vol.7


Neo Platinum Vol. 1

// 2006.05.03 //

Some great news from Moi dix Mois!:
~ Moi dix Mois to play at Wave Gotik Treffen (June 4th)
~ Moi dix Mois first live in America this summer
~ Tohru and Kazuno would play at Kaya's first solo live

An official e-mail from Midi:Nette:
"Moi dix Mois will be appearing in Germany's festival:
The Wave Gotik Treffen
2nd of June until 5th of June 2006 in Leipzig/Germany

The date of Moi dix Mois' appearance:
June 4th, 2006
To purchase tickets, please go to the following link:
Monthy concerts are planned for the upcoming summer.
We hope you look forward to it"

The Wave Gotik Treffen is the world greatest Gothic festival, after the articles of Orkus (and the magazine cover featuring Mana), the release of Nocturnal Opera under Trisol label, and the appearance in a German TV show, Moi dix Mois enjoy a growing success in European Gothic scene ;). In 2003, when I started this site, or in 2001, when I begin to listen to Malice Mizer, never I imagined that one day I could see Mana in Europe recognized by the Western gothic/metal scene!

Translation of the latest Aesthetics entry of Mana, in which he talks about the appearance at Wake Gotik Treffen but also announces Moi dix Mois first live in America planned for this summer:

May 3

We finished our triumphant concert.
We also announced that this year would be full of live concerts, and from this summer we would play in monthly lives.
"Monthly lives" means that we would play a concert every month
[note: Mana explains the english word in japanese]
That will be our first try.
I don't know what will come out traveling every month, but I hope I will be able to play exciting concerts.
Soon I will tell you all details.

And, the 4th June, we arranged to make an appearance at the big german festival called Wave Gotik.
We will be the headliner.
[note: I don't think so...that's too much :D... I think Mana says that for japanese fans whom don't know Wave Gotik Treffen]
We received the main band scene as I wanted, and while we are waiting for this, we will play in other live shows in the meantime, so continue to watch out for Moi dix Mois.

And finally, this summer is planned the first Moi dix Mois live in America.


Tohru e Kazuno, ex Moi dix Mois members, will play in the first solo live of Kaya, ex vocalist of Schwarz Stein (ex-Midi:Nette band produced by Mana), along with Aie, ex Deadman guitarist. Kaya will sing songs from the session album "another cell"   (released with Hora) and his new first solo single (limited to 1000 copies) will be available at the concert.

Kaleido Scope (Kaya first solo live)

2006.06.23 (Friday)
Takadanobaba AREA
3000yen (3500yen at the door)
limited to
400 persons

// 2006.05.02 //

FINAL JAPAN: May 2nd (Tue)
SHIBUYA-AX (http://www.shibuya-ax.com/)
OPEN 18:00/START 19:00
tickets: 5,000 yen (tax in)

Moi dix Mois held today the Final Date of Tour 2005 "Beyond the Gate" at Shibuya AX.

† 2006.04.28
New layout design for the main pages! Still work in progress for other pages ;)...

† 2006.03.19

FRANCE: March 17th ~ Elysee-Montmartre
72, Bld Rochechouart 75018 Paris


1. The other side in blood 10. Lamentful Miss (?) (new song)
2. deus ex machina 11. Pessimiste
3. unmoved 12. Ange
4. Immortal Nightmare (new intro) 13. Vizard
5. Vain 14. forbidden
6. Night breed


The other side of the door
7. Deflower 16. Eternally Beyond
8. Perish 17. MAD INGRAIN
9. the Prophet 18. deus ex machina

+ Mana Autograph Session at Hard Rock Cafe Paris.
Start 17:00 ~ 14 Boulevard Montmartre

GERMANY: March 19th ~ Huxley
Hasenheite 107-113 Berlin

~Mana-sama's Birthday~

After the live show Mana comes on stage to pick the 20 Neotokyo contest winners himself.

Happy Birthday Mana-sama!

// 2006.03.11 //

Madou Shuukai ~ Dai San Yoru

(Heretics Assembly ~

March 11th - Venue LIQUID ROOM
Tokyo, Shibuya, East 3-16-6


1. The other side in blood 11. Lamentful Miss (?) (new song)
2. deus ex machina 12. Pessimiste
3. unmoved 13 Ange
4. Immortal Nightmare (new intro) 14. Vizard
5. Vain 15. forbidden
6. Night breed


7. Deflower 16. The other side of the door
8. Perish 17. Eternally Beyond
9. the Prophet 18. MAD INGRAIN
10. (Happy Birthday for Mana) 19. deus ex machina

// 2006.03.01 //

New Moi dix Mois album "Beyond the Gate" OUT NOW:

Beyond the Gate

Limited Edition:

MMCD-042LE3150 yen

12 tracks

Regular Edition:

MMCD42 † 2600 yen

7 tracks † booklet: 16 pages

I. The other side in blood I. The other side in blood
II. Eternally Beyond II. Eternally Beyond
III. deus ex machina III. deus ex machina
IV. Vain IV. Vain
V. Deflower V. Deflower
VI. unmoved VI. unmoved
VII. The other side of the door VII. The other side of the door
VIII. Eternally Beyond [instrumental]    
IX. deus ex machina [instrumental]    
X. Vain [instrumental]    
XI. Deflower [instrumental]    
XII. unmoved [instrumental]    


The album is released simultaneously in Europe and Japan. In Europe it will be produced by the German label Gan-Shin.


Mana had also announced that Moi dix Mois recruited 2 support members for the next concerts: Sugiya on bass e Hayato on drums (per maggiori informazioni, guardate la sezione Members).


You can purchase both versions of "Beyond the Gate" here:

Japan version: CDJapan | YesAsia

European version: NeoTokyo


As my copy of the new album arrives, I will post in the Discography section all scans and informations.



I've added the new scans of Mana from the Volume XX of Gothic&Lolita Bible in the Gallery section.

// 2006.01.23 //

† 2006.01.23

Updated the Members section and the Story section.


Moi dix Mois Tour Schedule 2006:


Madou Gathering (Mon†amour members only concert):

JAPAN: March th


Tokyo, Shibuya, East 3-16-6
OPEN 17:00/START 18:00
4,500 yen (drinks not included)

Europe Tour 2006 ~Beyond the Gate~


FRANCE: March 17th

at: Elysee-Montmartre

72, Bld Rochechouart 75018 Paris
OPEN 18:30/START 19:30
41 euro

GERMANY: March 19th


Hasenheite 107-113 Berlin
OPEN 19:00/START 20:30
33 euro


FINAL JAPAN: May 2nd (Tue)
at: SHIBUYA-AX (http://www.shibuya-ax.com/)
OPEN 18:00/START 19:00

tickets: 5,000 yen (tax in)

// 2006.01.15 //

Today Kazuno and Tohru, ex Moi dix Mois members, will perform in a concert with Heath (ex bassist of X-Japan):


Lynx presents



cast: test-No. | AGE of PUNK | Lynx

heath solo: vocals: HEATH (Lynx); guitar: KOJI (ex La'cryma Christi); bass: KAZUNO (ex Moi dix Mois); drums: TOHRU (ex Jils, Moi dix Mois)


† 2005.12.16

Moi dix Mois' new album "Beyond the Gate" will be released on March 1st.

The album will be released simultaneously in Europe and Japan. In Europe it will be produced by the german label Gan Shin.

Moreover, it's a fact that Moi dix Mois have a new vocalist, but more details on him are currently unknown.

Though it's avaible a short sample from the new album with his voice:

sample mp3: Moi dix Mois - Beyond the Gate


Soon there will be news about the Fanclub live concert deiced for next year's spring.


updates: I updated the discography section with pages about  European Edition of Moi dix Mois CDs: the new Nocturnal Opera by Trisol; Dix infernal and Scars of Sabbath by Mabell.

- I've added some scans from last issue of Gothic & lolita Bible, Volume XIX in Gallery II.

For chronology of older events click here:



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