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// Nocturnal opera //

2nd album:
{date} July 20th, 2004
{label} Midi:Nette M.†.M
{code} MMCD-37
{price}  3,300 yen (tax out)
{lenght} 40,00

Nocturnal Opera, the second full album from Moi dix Mois, comes out shortly after the Shadows Temple single, included in the album.

Invite to Immorality is a short instrumental prologue and silent omen a short epilogue. MAD INGRAIN, already included in Scars of Sabbath live DVD entitled "MAd iNgrAin" is an instrumental march interlude, while in the live version included also a guitar solo by Mana.

Others songs previously performed in Scars of Sabbath are Vizard and Perish.

The first limited press includes:

~ a gorgeous poster with the cover art and these words:

Why didn't you show me the future? Love tied me, I got lost

Do you remember the promise & dream? The dream confused me, I lost myself

~ a promotion flyer with the same image:

~ a flyer about the opening of international section of Fanclub Mon†amour for western fans;

~ a slipcase with a special cover art. 


The beautiful 28 pages booklet shows mainly Mana acting as two characters: the vampire with Shadows Temple outfit, and the madame with a Elegant Gothic Aristocrat outfit. Juka, Kazuno and Tohru appear in only 1 picture, wearing Shadows Temple outfits.

// Tracklist //


Invite to Immorality [0.50]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)



Nocturnal Romance [3.48]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]


monophobia [5.31]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]

vestige [4.39]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]


Vizard [3.55]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]


Mephisto Waltz [4.49]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana) 

[view lyrics]



(music: Mana)



the Prophet [4.49]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]


Perish [4.31]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]


Shadows Temple-x [5.14]

(lyrics: Mana / music: Mana)

[view lyrics]


silent omen [0.57]

(music: Mana)


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†slipcase [Limited Edition]: 



// Credits //

Moi dix Mois

Mana (Guitar)
Project members
Juka (Vocal)
Kazuno (Bass)
Tohru (Drums)

Shadow X (Death Voice)

All Songs Lyrics & Composed & Sound Programmed & Arranged by Mana
Directed by Mana

Additional Musician: 
Yuichiro Goto [M-3.M-4] (Violin)
Yuki Ishimaru [M-10] (Violin)
Youko Takai [M-2.M-3.M-8] (Soprano Chorus)
Risa [M-3.M-4.M-8] (Chorus)

Musician Coordinator: Shigeru Tsuruta (Musical Supply)
                                Tetsuya Kawashima (Shinshitsu)

Manipulator: Shigehiko Saito
Soprano Chorus & Violin director: Kyo Ichinose

Engineer: Shinpei Yamada (Mixer's LAB ON AIR AZABU st.)
Assistant Engineer: Hitomi Suzuki (Mixer's LAB ON AIR AZABU st.)

Recorded & Mixed: ON AIR AZABU st.
Mastering Engineer: Mitsuharu Harada (ON AIR AZABU st.)

CG & Design: Asaka Yamamoto (glitter glow)
Photography: Kenji Tsukagoshi
Hairstyling: Tamayo Kotake (be-glee)

Artist Manager: Kazuyo Tsuboi (Midi:Nette)
                       Lisa Tsuneyuki (Midi:Nette)
Distribution: Etsuko Kasakawa (Midi:Nette)

Producer: Yukie Itoh (Midi:Nette)

Costumes: Moi-meme-Moitie

Total Produced by Mana, The Creator of Moi dix Mois


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