// Profile //

name: Seth
real name: unknown
part: vocals
bands: band:

Moi dix Mois


December 2006 ~ present

gender: male
date of birth: XX
place of birth: unknown
blood type: XX
good quality: Challenges many new things without preconceived ideas
bad quality: Tries to entertain people in situations with a lot of tension.
favourite food: meat
disliked food: Nothing. If I had to name one, it would be escargots.
hobby: designing on the computer
favourite artists: Isao Sasaki (note: Japanese singer) / H.R. Giger
animation: DEATH NOTE
films: Japanese horror films / Ring
books: Photo books (Fantasy Art)
current interest: What you're into lately: Remodeling rooms (I recently added iron grilles on my window.) I'm pretty good with my hands so I make a lot of things that way.


// Short biography //

Nothing is known about the second vocalist of Moi dix Mois, except the fact that he has been friend with Mana for several years. He joined Moi dix Mois shortly after Kazuno and Tohru left the band, in December 2005.

Since then, he was noted for his great singing talent: he has a deep and warm voice, the type of male operatic vocals that Mana likes. But he's also capable of screaming, even better than Juka (Juka's screams were a bit weak), and he has an amazing stage presence and charisma.

Note: many people noticed that Seth is in fact SEIJI, a singer with a long career over his shoulder, frontman of bands like After Image, Amadeus and Brain Hacker, and close friend of Mana: he also partecipated at Mana's event Dis inferno. The real identity of Seth was NEVER OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED, however all the fans that know Seiji very well are absolutely sure: Seth is Seiji, he has the same voice, the same appearance, even the same tatoos. Also the fact that they hides his D.O.B. and bloodtype is suspicious. Moreover, Visual Kei database states that Seth is Seiji without any doubt, While Grass Thread, another famous VK database omit all information (it doesn't even list Sugiya and Hayato).

If you want to view a complete profile of Seth/Seiji you can click here. But you have to be sure you understand that those are NOT official informations.


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