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Mana, one of the most influential artist of the Visual Kei movement founded the cult band Malice Mizer in 1992, with the guitarist Közi. During their ten years-career Malice Mizer make themselves known as a unique and influential band in japanese gothic rock scene, inventing and introducing in the Visual scene original ideas both in the music/composition and in costumes image, melting baroque and neoclassical refined influences with a gothic rock base.
The 11th December 2001, Klaha, Mana, Közi and Yu~ki decided together to suspend the band activities (and put it on hiatus) to focus on their individual projects.

Just after a few months, Mana is ready to reveal the details of his project. On March 19, date of his birthday, he announces the foundation of his new band, Moi dix Mois. For some months the identity of the other unknown members remains secret. In the photo sessions the other two members wears a white mask with the word "dix" carved on the forehead.
On July 31 Mana organizes at Shibuya the event "Dis inferno", in which partecipates Schwarz Stein, an industrial due produced by Mana with his label Midi:Nette
At last Mana take off the masks from the other two members of Moi dix Mois, introducing the infernal trio: Mana on guitar, Juka on vocals and Kazuno on bass. They have also a support drummer, Tohru, who isn't a official member of the band.

In 2002 Moi dix Mois start their first national tour "forbidden", through Japan, and 19th November release their first single, Dialogue Symphonie, whereas for the first full album we have to wait the birthday of Mana, and on 19th March 2003 the Dix infernal album comes out.

After an awesome opening concert at Akasaka BLITZ, start the national Tour 2003 Dix infernal, whose final gig, at Shibuya AX on September 27, is recorded and released as a gorgeous live DVD Dix infernal ~Scars of Sabbath~.
Last year event is Dis inferno vol.II, an evening full of shows and guests (such as Kamijo and Mayu from Lareine), where finally Moi dix Mois and Schwarz Stein perform together of the same stage.
We have to wait Mana's birthday (19th March) to learn something about Moi dix Mois plans: at his party/concert (Heretic's Assembly I Night), Mana announces the release of a new single followed by a new full-album.

On May 31 the second single Shadows Temple comes out, Tohru becomes ufficiale official drummer, and in CD credits appears the name of Shadow X, on death voice (probably he is no one than Mana himself). 
The second Moi dix Mois full album Nocturnal Opera comes out the 20th July 2004.
Moreover, on July 11 Mana comes to an event in Europe for the first time, he partecipate as a special guest at Japan Expo in Parigi.
There's also another good news for western fans of the band: the official fanclub, Mon†amour, opens the division Mon†amour International allowing fans from all over the world to join and receive the special fanclub issues.
Besides Moi-même-Moitié, the gothic fashion label owned by Mana, organizes to sell online its products worldwide, through CD-Japan.

The 6th October 2004 the third Moi dix Mois single, Pageant, is released. Meanwhile on November 8th Moi-même-Moitié publish the fashion catalogue/photobook Magnifique, interely shooted in Francia.

The 15th Dicembre a new concert is held, Dis inferno Vol.III, the setlist of the event is similar to the previous edition, but there are new things about Moi dix Mois: a new member was added to the band, guitarist K, doing also some growling/screaming vocals. For that event the band consisted also of a third support guitarist, Jun, a temporariry presence, in fact he will not partecipate to the future activities of the band.

The 27th of February 2005 there's another concert reserved to Fanclub members, Heretic's Assembly II Night, in which Moi dix Mois announced their Tour 2005, Invite to Immorality, this time including two european dates. The band achieve a great success at the sold out gig in Paris, at La Locomotive, Monday 28th March, while they do very well also in Munich, at the Georg Elser Halle, Saturday 26th.
A third date of the Tour the 24th of April 2005, the last date, is on the other hand a new concert in Japan, at the infamous Shibuya-AX.
Sadly, for the final concert of the Tour, vocalist Juka decides to quit the band, for artistic reason. Mana says that he will continue activities, trying to experiment something new.

The 27th July finally a new live DVD from Moi dix Mois is released, concerning the Europe Tour 2005, Invite to Immorality.
The DVD comes out in two editions, a limited one including 2 DVD and some extra, and a regular one with one disc only.

The 2nd December a special edition / double CD set of the Nocturnal Opera album is released in Europe (contains also the 3 singles and 2 live video from Tour 2005). The album is produced by the german mainstream label Trisol (that produces also a lot of famous western gothic bands).

In December 2005 Mana recruits a new vocalist for Moi dix Mois, but in the meantime former bassist Kazuno and drummer Tohru left the band.

The new album (EP) Beyond the Gate, is released the 1st of March 2006, simultaneously released in Japan (by Midi:Nette) and in Europe (by the german label Gan Shin). It features the new vocalist Seth. The 11th March the reborn Moi dix Mois 2006 perform at LIQUID ROOM in Shibuya with this lineup: Seth on vocals, Mana on guitar, K on guitar&voice, Sugiya on bass and Hayato on drums.
Moi dix Mois start the European Tour for the new album in two dates: March 17th in Paris, France and March 19th in Berlin, Germany. They perform at the tour final gig at Shibuya AX the 2nd of May.

For more detailed information about the band and Tour dates see the "news" section.



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