// Profile //

name: Sugiya
real name: unknown
part: bass
bands: band: period (+ notes):
PlatinA Forest

KuRt (as support)
Moi dix Mois

? 1999 (with the name SUGI)
? January 2002 ~ July 2003
(first as support, then official member. name: KURO KOSUGI)
end of 2005 ~ beginning of 2006 (name: KURO KOSUGI)
December 2005 ~ present (name: KURO KOSUGI)
March 2006 ~ present (name: Sugiya)

gender: male
date of birth: November 7th
place of birth: Hiroshima
blood type: B
good qualities: I'm optimist and my blood type is B
bad qualities: If there's something that interests me, I plan 24 hour schedules around it
favourite food: Alcohol, Alcohol, give me alcohol! Just kidding
dislikes: 4 beat running bass
hobby: downhill biking
favourite artists: Koichi Osamu (a jazzist)

Mana also said that Sugiya likes 80's metal (he cited Mercyful Fate and Manowar)

animation: The Timebokan Series
film: Polanyi's Dracula
books: books by Kou Kitamori and Natsuhiko Kyougoku
current interest: Mac OSX
website: http://www.max.hi-ho.ne.jp/vanilla/sugi.html


// Biography //

Sugiya joined Moi dix Mois in March 2006, as a support bassist for the upcoming second Moi dix Mois Europe Tour, to promote the 2006 album "Beyond the Gate". However, Sugiya didn't play bass on that album: his first recording with Moi dix Mois is the single Lamentful Miss, then, in 2007, the new album "DIXANADU". He became also official member of Moi dix Mois with the release of "Lamentful Miss".

Unlike Juka or Kazuno, Sugiya didn't came out of nowhere, he played in some other band since 1999, but he's always been kind of a mysterious member. The first of Sugiya's bands we are aware of is PlatinA Forest, an indies Visual Kei band started sometime around in 1999. At the time Sugiya was called SUGI. PlatinA Forest released 2 demotapes called "Letter I" and "Letter II" and a mini-album, "feeling precious" on December 1st, 1999. Apparently they also composed a song for the anime AURORA HEALING and released it as single on 18th October 2000.

After the disbandment of PlatinA Forest, their guitarist Shinobu started a new band: Vanilla, Sugiya joined first as a support bassist, short after as official member. They became slightly famous in the indies Visual Kei scene, they were also featured on the 2002 edition of "Shock Edge" compilation and also on "Yogenkyou II" omnibus CD. In 2002 they also released 3 singles: "SAGASHIMONO/Chiisana Negai", "Q Ban" and "A Ban". In 2003 they released a collaboration CD with the Visual Kei band Fatima, with their song "BRANCxNOIR" (of which Sugiya wrote the lyrics). Shortly after, Vanilla's vocalist Ken joined Fatima as a guitarist and Vanilla consequently disbanded. But Sugiya probably also became friend with Fatima's vocalist Sanaka/Kanoma, and joined Kanoma's session band GHOST MOUSE CLUB. They played the first concert together on December 26th 2005, at an event organized by Kanoma called "Kaijintachi to no Otoasobi" (Music of the Mysterious people, or something like that) at Takadanobaba AREA. GHOST MOUSE CLUB played other concerts together in 2006: on 02/14, 03/30 and 08/30. Apparently Sugiya still plays in GMC, and their most recent concert was on 30th March 2007.

At the end of 2005 Sugiya also joined the rock band KuRt as a support bassist, because KuRt were a band close to Fatima (they also did a coupling tour in 2005). After the former bassist Oto left KuRt in 2005, Sugiya joined as support bassist, until they found a new bassist: Saburou, in March 2006.

But in March 2006 Mana also was searching for a bassist for his Europe Tour, and since Kanoma is a close friend with Mana (he was a MALICE MIZER roadie), probably he recommended Sugiya for the upcoming Moi dix Mois tour. Mana said in an interview that Sugiya was recommended to him by a friend, while Sugiya said that he received a call from a friend of him that knew someone that was searching for a bassist (Mana), involving also an European Tour. Sugiya answered yes and encountered Mana-sama.


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